As the Moon Eclipses the Sun, the Pathway Opens

And I take the Leap of Faith! Yesterday I read a blog post on Art Store Front. I saw that the underlying concept is the same as my concept of a Continue Reading →

Industrial Design, Now and Then: The Andersen Design Journey

Reinventing the online platform as an interactive B to B experience! As young urban New York designers, Weston and Brenda Andersen received an award from Living Magazine for the Egg Continue Reading →

Archeologists Look At Bronze Age Craft Production in a New Light

Andersen Design Vase made from a mold of a melon glazed in a variegated blue with a double layer at the top that flows down the form in an irregulated pattern

Looking beyond the economic realm and examining the sociopolitical role played by specialized craft production   First published on Medium·May 7, 2020 Centralization vs Decentralization in the Bronze Age In Continue Reading →

Were Itinerant Craftsmen Free Agents During the Bronze Age and Why Does it Matter?

Can progress come about without individualization?   Originally published on Medium May 22, 2020 Prior to the 1930s when Australian archaeologist, V Gordon Childe, presented his theory about the metal-smiths Continue Reading →