Were Itinerant Craftsmen Free Agents During the Bronze Age and Why Does it Matter?

Can progress come about without individualization?   Originally published on Medium May 22, 2020 Prior to the 1930s when Australian archaeologist, V Gordon Childe, presented his theory about the metal-smiths Continue Reading →

How to Tell the Difference Between Andersen Design Popular Art and Andy Warhol Pop Art

Both used production as an art form and started in the midcentury so how do you tell them apart? How do you tell the difference between Andersen Design Popular Art Continue Reading →

The Mussolini Approach Toward Individualism Is Alive and Well in the Non-profit Sector

Benevolent Feudalism and it’s discontents. #CrappyFundingPractices Having grown up and spent much of my adult life engaged in a small independently owned free enterprise that designs and makes hand-crafted ceramics, Continue Reading →

How is the Remote Workers Movement Transforming the Future of Work?


Conceptualizing how we move from a trickle-down economy to a middle-out economy Photo by Tamara Gak on Unsplash Special News Since I last posted, high winds have caused the sea to rise and Continue Reading →

Systemic Consciousness and Local Focus

Happy New Eon! As we transit from one eon to the next, a report on the current state of the evolution. Once, in our ceramic-making small enterprise, there was a Continue Reading →

Embedded Discrimination Against Free Enterprise

One set of rules for private partners of the state, another set of rules for the free enterprise sector This rare vintage mug is one of a series decorated by my mother Continue Reading →